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Learn in only 3 days how to become a successful wedding photographer by completing this exclusive online training course. Although this course is completely digital and now available online, here's what the $299.00 bundle looks like when ordered through Amazon:

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This wedding photographer training course will take you through 3 major stages of the wedding photography process and will help you devise your own strategy to become a successful wedding photographer. Here are the details for each day of your training:


Photography Training

We'll go over our exclusive wedding photography checklist, which will help you get through any wedding by capturing each shot in order sequence. We will also go over various photography techniques to help you produce incredible photographs.

  • Number of Videos/Modules: 5

Business Setup

On day 2, we'll teaching you how to setup your wedding photography business so you're ready to schedule gigs, accept various types of payment and deliver your client's photos. In this section of the course, we will also go over the legal documents included in this course.

  • Number of Videos/Modules: 6

Marketing & Advertising

Lastly, we'll complete your training by teaching you how to market and advertise your wedding photography services using numerous online resources, including social media as well as traditional marketing techniques.

  • Number of Videos/Modules: 4

Course Details

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Reading the Workbook will allow you to flow more easily through this course since you will already be familiar with the intricacies of this proprietary sequence of lessons, specially arranged in a logical order, and designed to be completed by novice camera users, business beginners or both.
Using simple photography techniques, you'll learn how to manipulate light, focus, depth of field and other methods of enhancing subjects that will ensure your photographic coverage of each wedding is top notch.
Because photo editing is often required to turn good photographs into great works of art, we'll teach you how to edit your photographs so you can dazzle your clients and prospects through basic photo editing.
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Business Setup

During Day 2 of your training, we will help you create a responsive website to ensure your prospect clients enjoy the best experience possible when perusing your site.

You will also get to review and edit the legal & print documents that are needed to run a successful wedding photography business, notably:

  • Wedding Photography Contract
  • Model Release
  • Rate Card

Marketing & Advertising


During day 3, we'll explore various marketing and advertising channels using OPR (Other People's Resources) and OPM (Other People's Money).

Paid Search & Advertising

In this section of your training, we'll help you setup PPC campaigns on Google & Facebook to drive pre-qualified prospects to your website.

Social Media

Lastly, we'll go over social media strategies to help you grow your audience and expand your online presence using simple, time tested techniques.

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How Much Does The Course Cost?

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Our complete, 3 day course is only USD$47.

When you order this program, you get access to the entire 3 days online course which will help you develop your skills as a wedding photographer and more importantly, as a business owner.

$299 Regular Price

Today: $47


This Exclusive Wedding Photography Course Will...

  • Teach you how to setup your wedding photography business.
  • Help you expand your artistic & photography skills.
  • Provide you with the best marketing strategy to grow your business.

This Course Will Not...

  • Waste 3 days of your life for nothing because the course is packed with highly valuable information.
  • Provide you with untested methods and techniques because everything we teach is from real-life experience.
  • Make you spend $299 without improving your photography skills and business savvy.
  • Leave you stranded at the end of the course because we strive to guide you towards reaching or surpassing your goals.

Words Of Praise

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"Everything You Need!"

Will J.

"The Best Course!"

Maggie D.

"How To Get Gigs!"

Eric P.

"Living My Dream!"

Peter G.

"Two Thumbs-Up!"

Deena V.

"He's The Best!"

Sherryl P.

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  • Q

    What happens after I order the course?

  • A Upon completing your order, you will receive a confirmation email which will contain a link to our online training course platform where you can begin the 3 day online course.
  • Q

    Is the course guaranteed, can I ask for refunds?

  • A We offer a 14 day money back guarantee, and guarantee the course will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We will refund your entire purchase price is our website is down or if you are unable to watch the video modules.
  • Q

    How do I know the content in the program will work for me?

  • A This training course stands on its own with original content based on real life case studies conducted by our instructors. We are confident the program's content will have a positive impact on your wedding photography business, but results vary with each participant.
  • Q

    What happens when I complete the course?

  • A At the conclusion of the course, all participants are invited to partake in optional 1-on-1 coaching with the course founder, Daniel St.Pierre.

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Meet Your Instructor

This online wedding photography training course is highly recommended to anyone interested in developing their wedding photographer skills, and the program is specially designed to help aspiring wedding photographers setup their business for success. My team and I spent over 8 years developing both the front end and back end of the online program, and I am immensely proud to make this course available to you today for ONLY $47!

Daniel St.Pierre - Program Founder